PeaceWorks Mosaics


I was a storyteller for more than 20 years, with special interest in working with the bereaved and also telling the story of Holocaust survivor Hilda Stern Cohen.

What is consistent for me in the art of storytelling and the art of mosaics, is a search for authentic emotional content and an intention to find meaning. I want to offer an opportunity to listeners/viewers to find meaning for themselves.

I love traditional glass and stone mosaics, but also all sorts of materials and found objects. I adore the play of light on the shiny stuff and the variety of movement and meaning.

Each facet of mosaic has a voice – focal point, background and the context of display. Inspiration comes from a particular mineral or stone, a color, nature, or another work of art.

Sometimes there is a feeling to express or a story to tell, sometimes a plan, sometimes not, but always an organic and surprising process. Fun!

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Mosaic Portrait of Gail by Jo TylerGails_Portrait.html
Circling the Truth

Miriam’s Well

Moon Revealed

Hand to Heart

Tree of LightTree_of_Light.html

Pressure and Release

Clear VisionClear_Vision.html
Jo’s Portrait
Sunrise Over EarthSunrise_Over_Earth.html
Don’t Bother Me. I’m Busy.Dont_Bother_Me._Im_Busy..html
 More Than One WayMore_Than_One_Way.html
All In The DetailsAll_In_The_Details.html
Upward Flow Upward_Flow.html
Now Everything Is EasyNow_Everything_Is_Easy.html
Emergence (Click for individual close-ups)Emergence.html

Spaced OutSpaced_Out.html
 Deep SecretsDeep_Secrets.htmlDeep_Secrets.html

  Dark SeedsDark_Seeds.html
Just Hangin’ AroundJust_Hangin_Around.html

Stone DragonflyStone_Dragonfly.html
Which Way?Which_Way.html
Source & DestinationSource_%26_Destination.html
Rolling StonesRolling_Stones.html
Blooming PurpleBlooming_Purple.htmlBlooming_Purple.html
Pink SpiralPink_Spiral.htmlPink_Spiral.html
Heart WombHeart_Womb.htmlHeart_Womb.html

Night BloomingNight_Blooming.html

Blueberry StarsBlueberry_Stars.html

Emerging From The GlenEmerging_From_The_Glen.html

Chakra Goddess Series

The inspiration for these mosaics is the concept of chakra, Sanskrit for wheel, thought to be an energy point in the energetic or subtle body, related to the physical body. There are many chakras, but seven are considered most important. Each has traditionally been represented with a color from the rainbow spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. (Sold as a set.)

Crown Chakra (violet)
The crown chakra is our connection to our Source energy, awareness, optimism, wisdom and connection. Here is the Lotus pose, used for meditation that balances the body and calms the mind. All of the chakras, represented by their colors, are aligned.
Root Chakra (red)
This is the energy that grounds us, gives us balance, dignity, stability and strength. Here is an image of a female energy, rooted in earth with energy to grow and reach.
Sacral Chakra (orange)
The sacral chakra is the center of our sexual energy, vitality, nurturing qualities and fertility. This is the yoga camel pose, opening up chest, hips, groin and thighs to energize and awaken body and mind.
Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)
The solar plexus is our center of courage, determination, autonomy and self-confidence.
Third Eye Chakra (indigo)
Third eye is our energy door to intuition, imagination, and inspiration. This is the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa, popular in both Arab and Jewish communities as a symbol of protection and good luck.
Throat Chakra (blue)
The throat chakra is our energetic communication center, also tied to truth, kindness and reliability. This is the Egyptian goddess Bastet, a woman with the head of a lioness. Throat chakra makes me think of the purr of a cat, which for me, feels true and kind.
Heart Chakra (green)
This is the energy center of integration, compassion, devotion, love for self and others. This is a depiction of Hathor, ancient Egyptian goddess of joy and love. Both women and men became her priests.
Tale’s EndTales_End.htmlTales_End.html

Soul SearchingSoul_Searching.htmlSoul_Searching.html
Blue MoonBlue_Moon.html
Blue MoonsBlue_Moons.html
Stone Towers! Click here to see individual photos with details and descriptions.Stone_Towers.html
Gathering RoundGathering_Round.html
All Comes RoundBeach_Scenes.html
Kiwi CairnsBeach_Scenes.html
In ProgressBeach_Scenes.html
High Fidelity MagicHigh_Fidelity_Magic.html
Within ReachWithin_Reach.html
Facing the WindFacing_the_Wind.html
Full of Surprises
(in florescent and daylight)Full_of_Surprises.html
Where’s the Beach?Wheres_the_Beach.html
Winged SunsetWinged_Sunset.html
Reluctant to GoA_Few_Trees.html
Neverending WinterA_Few_Trees.html

Autumn Morning

Time to GoA_Few_More_Trees.html
Cold WindA_Few_Trees.html
Letting GoA_Few_Trees.html
Jewels in the WindA_Few_More_Trees.html