28" x 25", approx.

Pebbles, agate, glass, sculpted clay, other stone, on hand formed substrate (wire and thinset). Heavy!


There is a “phantom poet” who comes to art shows and leaves poems. What fun!

A poem inspired by this mosaic:


    To Gail Rosen’s Vertigo

How to describe my vertigo?

I feel like my brain has been hacked

Until my mind

Has cracked --

I find

It to be too multi-tracked,

Or perhaps more a Mobios Strip --

I feel myself slip

As if falling back

A second of time

An image stutters

And my vision shutters

Until I’m

Stu -- ck

    Stu -- ck

        Stu -- ck

In the skip

Of an old LP,

And as such, I see

No way to move

Back or beyond to a safer groove


December 7, 2015    (All rights reserved.)